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We've recently made some changes to our chat games here at Clucky Bingo.


The following offer you the chance to grab some loyalty points. Don't forget that we host other chat games throughout the day too - so do try and join in the fun.


7pm-9pm Tuesday Players will be split into 2 teams (max 6 per team) more teams if necessary. CM will ask a random trivia question every 5 mins. 1st team to claim wins the point Team with the most points at the end of the 2 hours shares the 45,000 LP pot.


7pm-9pm Wednesday – This is the same as Weekend Wad but played mid-week and plays with 10 ball numbers instead of 1.


8pm-10pm Thursday - Cut Off Time to Join 9PM. CM will sing the line of a song and then stop. Roomies will have to fill in the next line. CM will say how many missing words before the song starts.  1st to correctly sing the next line wins 1pt. One song every 5 mins. The 3 top scoring players at the end of the 2hrs win the LPS. You must be a funded player & playing at least 1 ticket to participate in games.


8pm-10pm Friday - WHAT AM I? The CM will ask a General Knowledge Question, winning position will be announced each time.  CM will then ask the winning player to guess WHAT AM I. CM will give that player a maximum of 6 clues, guess correctly first time to win 3000, 2nd clue win 2500, 3rd clue win 2000, 4th clue win 1500, 5th clue 1000, 6th clue 500. When the game is over, that player has to sit out the next General Knowledge Question. Small typos and repeats are accepted. CM decision is final. You must be a funded player & playing at least 1 ticket to participate in games.


Please don't forget to check out the rules of chat!

Please play responsibly - for more information visit www.gambleaware.co.uk

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